Smartwatch Kids GPS C95
4G Wifi Waterproof 🌡️

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Kids GPS Watch 4G

This new GPS watch has many functions:

With its 4G network it can make video calls, 2.0MP camera, location by GPS and Wifi, SOS button, class mode ... and the new exclusive feature: The watch has a sensor to measure the temperature of the child and detect if he has a fever.



  • Make and receive calls: Parents and children can call each other.
  • Voice chat: You can talk with your child whenever you want.
  • Call firewall: The watch can only reach the contacts saved by the parents on their app.
    • Video call 4G: the watch can call and receive video calls, It's great to keep in touch with your child from a distance.


    • GPS, LBS and Wifi tracking: to accurately locate the wearer (even inside buildings).
    • Safety zone: Parents can specify a safety zone and if the child goes out of the limits, they will be immediately notified on their cell phone.
    • Location history: You can review the routes your child has taken in the last 30 days.


    • SOS button: In case of danger, children can press the SOS button for 3 seconds to alert their parents.
    • Remote monitoring: Parents can listen to their child's environment at any time without them knowing it, so they won't disturb them.

    • Camera 2.0MP: The child can take pictures with the watch and parents can also remotely see the surroundings of the child.


      • Watch Face: This watch has 8 different dials to choose from with a digital or analog display adapted to the child's reading level.
      • Flashlight: Led light to illuminate where to read.
      • Math Game: Learn math while having fun!


      • Health Assistant: Records the number of steps taken by the child, as well as the number of calories burned, distance traveled, and walking time.
      • Friends Mode: The watch wearer can add friends with the same watch and interact with them.
      • Reward Mode: Send rewards to your child in the shape of hearts.
      • Class Mode: Define the class hours. The watch won't ring when they're in class and they won't be able to play with the watch. Geolocation features will remain active.


      • 🆕Thermometer: Reads your child's body temperature, and lets you know if he has a fever.
      • Schedule: Add your child's daily schedule or important appointments so they won't forget them.
      • Alarm clock: help your child wake up every day.
      • Remote power off: Turn the watch on and off remotely at the desired time.
      • Battery alert: Parents receive an alert when the battery is low.


        ✔️Resists to splashing, rain, hand washing
        🚫 Showering, Swimming, Diving
        (Breakages caused by water are not covered by our warranty)

        Technical details:

        Bracelet Soft silicone 
        Battery 680Mah
        Autonomy 1-3 jours
        Age  8 to 12 years
        Dimensions H 4,8cm L 4,2cm
        Thikness 1,6cm
        Weight 53g
        RAM+ROM 512MB+4GB
        Language English
        Colots Black, Blue or pink
        Waterproof IP67
        Charger Magnetic
        SIM Format Nano

        Content :
         Watch, charger magnetic, screwdriver, insctructions