Smartwatch Kids GPS C90
4G Wifi Waterproof

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Sport Kids Smartwatch

New exclusive model of top-of-the-range Mymo GPS Watch for Children is packed with functions. With its 4G network it allows you to make video calls, 2.0MP camera, location by GPS and Wifi, SOS button, class mode ... and the new exclusive feature: The watch has a heart and blood pressure sensor to monitor your child's health.



  • Make and receive calls: Parents and children can call each other.
  • Voice chat: You can talk with your child whenever you want.
  • Call firewall: The watch can only reach the contacts saved by the parents on their app.
    • Video call 4G: the watch can call and receive video calls, It's great to keep in touch with your child from a distance.
    • SMS: Your children can send you text messages when they can't call.


    • GPS, LBS and Wifi tracking: to accurately locate the wearer (even inside buildings).
    • Safety zone: Parents can specify a safety zone and if the child goes out of the limits, they will be immediately notified on their cell phone.
    • Location history: You can review the routes your child has taken in the last 30 days.


    • SOS button: In case of danger, children can press the SOS button for 3 seconds to alert their parents.
    • Remote monitoring: Parents can listen to their child's environment at any time without them knowing it, so they won't disturb them.

    • Camera 2.0MP: The child can take pictures with the watch and parents can also remotely see the surroundings of the child.


      • Watch Face: This watch has 8 different dials to choose from with a digital or analog display adapted to the child's reading level.
      • Flashlight: Led light to illuminate where to read.
      • Math Game: Learn math while having fun!
      • Google translate:


      • Heart Sensor:
      • Health Assistant: Records the number of steps taken by the child, as well as the number of calories burned, distance traveled, and walking time.
      • Friends Mode: The watch wearer can add friends with the same watch and interact with them.
      • Reward Mode: Send rewards to your child in the shape of hearts.
      • Class Mode: Define the class hours. The watch won't ring when they're in class and they won't be able to play with the watch. Geolocation features will remain active.


      • Schedule: Add your child's daily schedule or important appointments so they won't forget them.
      • Alarm clock: help your child wake up every day.
      • Remote power off: Turn the watch on and off remotely at the desired time.
      • Battery alert: Parents receive an alert when the battery is low.


        ✔️Resists to splashing, rain, hand washing
        🚫 Showering, Swimming, Diving
        (Breakages caused by water are not covered by our warranty)

            Technical details:

            Strap Soft silicone
            Battery 680Mah
            Autonomy 1-3 days
            Age 8 to 12 years
            Dimensions H 5cm L 4,5cm
            Thikness 1,5cm
            Weight 53g
            RAM+ROM 512MB+4GB
            Language English
            Colors Blue, red , white
            Waterproof IP67
            Charger Magnetic
            Format sim Nano

            Content :
             Watch, charger magnetic, instructions