Smartwatch Kids GPS C72

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This Smart Watch Kids is the essential tool for young parents, it is designed so that they can stay connected with their children and ensure their location with a single click.
Thanks to a free downloadable smartphone application, this device allows parents to track and monitor their children remotely.



  • Call Function : Parents and children can call each other.
  • Voice chat :  Allows the child to share and discuss with loved ones with a single touch to send a message, quickly and easily.
  • Call firewall : The watch can communicate only with contacts saved by parents through their app.


    • Tracking GPS et LBS: to geolocate with precision the wearer of the watch.
    • Safety zone : Parents can define a safe zone if the child goes out of bounds you will be immediately notified on your mobile.
    • History route : You can check the routes your child has taken during the past 30 days.


      • SOS Button : If the child is in danger, he can press the SOS button for 3 seconds to launch the alert to the parents.
      • Remote listenning : Parents can listen to the child's environment without his knowing it so as not to disturb it.
      • Camera 1,3MP : The child can take pictures and the parents also remotely to monitor the child's environment.


        • Mathematics game: To learn while having fun.
        • Health Assistant: Records the number of steps the child takes, as well as the number of calories burned, distance covered, time walked.
        • Friend Mode: The wearer of the watch can add friends who have the same watch to interact with them.
        • Love reward: Send rewards to your child in the form of hearts
        • Remote power off: Parents can turn off the watch from their app.


        • Disabled in class: Parents can prohibit the use of the watch according to school hours. When the child is going, the watch cannot ring and he cannot play with the watch. Geolocation will remain activated.
        • Alarm clock: it helps your child to follow the hours of everyday life
        • Battery alert: Parents receive an alert when the battery is low.


        ✔️Splashes, Rain, hand washing.

        🚫 Shower, Swimming, Diving

        (Breakage caused by water is not guaranteed)

          technical details

          Strap Soft silicone
          Battery 420Mah
          Autonomy 1-3 days
          Age 6-10 ans
          Dimensions L 40mm x H 50mm x14mm
          Weight 44g
          SIM Format Nano SIM
          Waterproof IP67

          Content: Watch, Charger, inscructions