Smartwatch Kids GPS C98
Android 4G

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Founctions :


  • Make and receive calls: Parents and children can call each other.
  • Voice chat: You can talk with your child whenever you want.
  • SMS: Your children can send you text messages when they can't call.
  • 4G video calls: Video calls can be made from the watch. It's great to keep in touch with your child from a distance.


    • Tracking GPS + LBS: to geolocate with precision the wearer of the watch.


    • Remote listenning: Parents can listen to the child's environment without his knowing it so as not to disturb it.
    • Remote photo: You can see what is around the child at all times.


      • Android: Can install applications or games available on the Playstore
      • Applications: Whatsapp, you tube pre installed
      • Watch Face: The child can choose from 3 different dials, with a digital or analog display.
      • Mp3 Player: Can listen to his favorite Mp3 songs anywhere (compatible with bluetooth headphones)
      • Web browser
      • Calendar
      • Calculator
      • Alarm clock


      • Class mode : Parents can prohibit the use of the watch during school hours. When the child is in class the watch cannot ring and he cannot play with the watch. Geolocation will remain activated.
      • health assistant : Records the number of steps the child takes, as well as the number of calories burned, distance covered, time walked.
      • Friend mode: The watch can add friends who have the same watch to interact with them.


        • Wifi: The watch can connect to the Wifi network.
        • Bluetooth: Can download music or files by bluetooth.
        • Timer: Turn the watch on and off remotely at the desired time
        • Power saving mode: Turn off the Gps when you don't need it to save battery life.
        • Expandable memory: Insert a Micro Sd card in the watch to store files (up to 32Gb): pictures, videos, music,...

          Technical details: 

          Strap Soft silicone
          Battery 750Mah
          Autonomy 1 - 3 days
          Age 8 years and more
          Dimensions L 40mm x H 43mm
          Thinkness 14mm
          Weight 55g
          SIM Format Nano sim
          RAM 1Gb
          ROM 4Gb
          Memory card 32Gb maximum
          Colors Black, Blue or pink
          Languague English
          Waterproof No

          Watch, USB cable, Instructions