Smartwatch Kids GPS C50

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GPS kids watch to reassure parents

With its simple and discreet design, this watch allows you to stay in contact with your child via their integrated phone or their voice messages. And it also allows you to see the position of your Child with a simple click with its real integrated GPS module very precise. Adapted for Children from 3 years old. It has many features such as the SOS button function in the event of a problem, Class mode, health mode ... and as a special feature this model has an anti-loss sensor if your child's watch is removed from his arm you receive an alert.

Functions :


  • Call function : Parents and children can call each other.
  • Voice chat : Allows the child to share and discuss with loved ones with a single touch to send a message, quickly and easily.
  • Call fire wall : The watch can only reach the contacts saved by the parents on their app.



  • Tracking GPS and LBS : To geolocate with precision the wearer of the watch.
  • Sécurity zone : Les parents peuvent définir une zone de sécurité si l'enfant sort des limites vous serez aussitôt prévenu sur votre application mobile.
  • Historique des trajets : Vous pouvez vérifier les itinéraires que votre enfant à emprunté pendant les 30 derniers jours.


  • SOS button: In case of danger, children can press the SOS button for 3 seconds to alert their parents.
  • Remote monitoring: Parents can listen to their child's environment at any time without them knowing it, so they won't disturb them.
  • Anti-loss sensor: Si la montre est enlevée du poignet de l'enfant vous recevez aussitôt une alerte sur votre application.



  • Disable it in class: Define the class hours. The watch won't ring when they're in class and they won't be able to play with the watch. Geolocation features will remain active.
  • Health Assistant: Records the number of steps taken by the child, as well as the number of calories burned, distance traveled, and walking time.
  • Reward Mode: Send rewards to your child in the shape of hearts.


  • Alarm clock: help your child wake up every day.
  • Battery alert: Parents receive an alert when the battery is low.

    technical details:

    Strap Soft silicone
    GPS precision 5-20m 
    LBS precision 500-1000m
    Battery 400Mah
    Autonomy 1-3 days
    Age 3 to 8 years
    SIM format Micro SIM
    Dimensions L 32mm x H 50mm
    Thikness 12mm
    Weight 39g (very light)

      Contents : Watch, Cable USB, screwdriver, notice