Configuration Setracker 2 APP

Setracker 2 bannière smartwatchphone

Please read the instructions carefully before using the watch.
Configuration available for the Setracker1 application

To use the watch, you will need a SIM card with an internet package, 1GB recommended for using the watch daily.

Good news, most operators now offer plans for a few euros and without obligation that will work perfectly. See our partner PRIXTEL

Connected watches consume little data, however it is possible that the entire data credit is quickly used up with 50MB, especially if the geolocation function is activated. In this case, you will need to either use a plan with more internet data volume, or reduce the updating of location data.

disable PIN code

You must insert the watch's SIM card into a phone first, then deactivate the PIN code request. Go to your phone's settings for this.

Then insert the SIM card into the watch in the right direction until it is properly clipped, then turn on the watch and check that you have available network.

Then you can launch the application


Please note that this app supports Android IOS
Please scan the QR code below to install the app.


Where go to your Android or Apple Store and search: SeTracker2


You will have to create an account on the application before you can link your watch.

Click on Registration

record setracker2

Enter your email address and create a password

setracker account creation 2

Then you can link the watch by scanning the QR code (Behind the watch or in the QR code menu of the watch)

scanner qr code record setracker

Enter your child's nickname, then select your relationship and finally the watch phone number.



"The Device is not Networked"


The watch must be turned on and the SIM card inserted, Check if the network bars are displayed on the watch.

If the network is blocked:
network crossed out connected watch child

réseau barré montre connectée enfant

1) Make sure the SIM card is unlocked and activated

2) Make sure you have put the SIM card in the right direction and Clipped with the tip provided and not with your hand or the screwdriver (The SIM card must be well supported and not move)

3) Restart the watch after inserting the SIM card and Wait 1 minute

meaning sim card smartwatch child

The network bars are displayed:

Flèches GPS configuration montre connectée Gps enfant
You can make calls but the app won't connect.

Arrows GPS configuration connected watch Gps child

To check what is wrong, you will have to send this diagnostic SMS via a mobile phone to the watch on with its SIM:

pw,123456,ts #

You should receive a diagnostic message like this:

ver: G36S_0.96_MYMO_V1.00_1.10_2019.06.14_18.50.56;
ID: 610542874;
imei: 35746105428777; (Check if the IMEI number matches that of the watch)
port: 8001;
download: 60S;
battery level: 93;
language: 0;
zone: 1.00;
GPS: NO (0);
NET: OK (100);

You must check that your package has enough internet data to check the network coverage.

If the IP_URL is not:,  (north america) you must change it.

To do this, please send this SMS with a phone to the watch:

pw,123456,ip,,8001#  (Europe and Africa)

pw,123456,ip,,8001#  (North America)

Wait for a response then Restart the watch.

If you don't have the 2 arrows displayed on the watch screen and all other settings are OK
Please send this SMS with a phone to the watch depending on the operator on the watch:

pw,123456,apn,orange,orange,orange,20801# (for ORANGE)

Wait for the response then Restart the watch.

The response may take several minutes to arrive if it does not come, please resend the message.

Check if the 2 arrows have appeared on the watch screen.

Is the watch synchronized? go on

Here are the functions of the watches available (this varies from model to model)

At the top of the screen you will find the information of the watch:

Selection of watches if you have several watches registered, Adding a new watch.

Address where the watch is located, Date, Time, LBS, GPS or WIFI location mode, Battery level on the watch.

Phonebook: Allows you to save phone numbers in the watch phonebook (up to 10 numbers)
Chat: Allows you to send text and voice messages to your child (they can reply to you by voice message)
Call: Allows you to call the watch from the app
home setracker

location setracker 2

Update the location of the Watch
There are several localization modes:

When the watch is in a building it will not be detected by GPS satellites. It will therefore be the telephone relay antennas (LBS) which will locate it, however with less precision.

Outside, the watch will be located by GPS with an accuracy of 5 to 100m

Finally it is possible on some models to locate the child even in buildings by WIFI localization when the GPS is not available

Security zones
You can define several safety zones for the child. Select the zone to activate and you will be alerted if the child leaves this zone.
Trip History
History of your child's journeys by day and hour, to have this follow-up you must already go to "working mode" and activate the follow-up mode.
3D maps
Access different types of cards

setracker function

Family members
Allows you to see the secondary guardians added on the application. To add a family member, the person has to download the Setracker app and add the watch by scanning it or with the ID number.

Information Center
Find here the various alerts received from the watch, SOS, exits from safety zones, low battery, watch removed from the arm.

SOS / family number
Allows you to enter up to 3 numbers to call in the event of danger. The child will just have to press the SOS button on the watch (long press).
After setting the number of the main guardian, it is not possible to turn off the watch directly. Instead, when you press the ON / OFF key, you will receive a call from the "Guardian Number". You will have to go through the "remote shutdown" application to turn it off.

Working mode
Allows automatic updating of GPS data. We recommend that you configure it in energy saving mode (once / hour) to prevent the battery from discharging too quickly. If you need to have the precise history of your child's journeys in this case you can switch to Tracking mode (update of GPS data once / minute) Attention the GPS tracking mode requires a higher rate in Internet Data .

You must enter your phone number. Then the watch will make a spy call to your phone, without the watch lighting up, the child will not see it and will not hear you.

SMS alert
Allows you to define what you want to receive as a notification on your phone:
- low battery
- SOS call
- watch removed from the child's arm (on C50 or C79 model only)

You can add contacts directly from your directory

Language and time zone
Choice of language (French, German, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese) and your time zone. Please check "daylight saving time" if you have a one hour difference.

Change settings
Allows you to deactivate the dial pad for call dialing. Forbid foreign calls from the watch, the child will be able to call only his saved contacts.

LBS positioning switch
Use relay antennas to locate the watch when GPS is not available, for example in a building. (Lesser precision 500-1000m)

If you have trouble picking up the GPS you can deactivate this function.

Allows you to ring the watch if you cannot find it.

Remote shutdown
Allows you to turn off the watch remotely from your application.

Allows you to remove the watch from the app

View the number of steps, calories burned, distance traveled and hours of sleep. This data is based on the GPS track and is not 100% representative.

Do not disturb
Define time slots during which the watch will be silent. Can be handy for time spent in school.
Add up to 3 alarms.
You can send a reward to your child. They appear on the watch accompanied by a small heart.

N.B. if you have just added the watch to the application, certain functions may take 48 hours before appearing.

Profile settings: Modify your email address, avatar, Phone.
Device List: You can add a new watch to monitor or remove a watch from your app.
Change Password
Logging out of the application
setracker grouping

Terms of use

Our GPS tracking devices are not a substitute for adult supervision. Do not use your GPS tracking device as the sole method of locating a child or person under your supervision.

All of our watches have a GPS module. The accuracy of the GPS location of our devices is determined by the strength of the GPS signal and the strength of the cellular signal. In addition, they cannot give a location at all times. For example, the accuracy of GPS may be affected when the device is indoors, or the cell signal or GPRS (mobile internet) may be weak if cell towers are far away and prevent the location from being updated.

If you bought your smartwatch from Amazon or a cheap market place, and you can never get an accurate GPS position on your app, it's because you bought a kid's smartwatch without a GPS module. like most of their watches. If you are looking for a watch with real precision you can take a look at our catalog which only contains watches with a real integrated GPS.