Why your kids should have a GPS smartwatch?

Now, cell phone is more and more convenient and we can see almost every student have one. Many parents allow their kids to using cell phone  because it's easy to communicate with them, but at the moment, parents also worry they will spend too many time on cell phone because the weak self-control wareness, maybe they chat with friends on class, download games playing whole day and long time using cell phone will damage eyesight. Parents should select a useful device to them, ones supports know the children exact location any time, easy commnuicate when children in danger, even could not operate on class ect.

 GPS kids watch maybe your ideal choose. 

wonlex kids gps watch

What GPS kids watch support:

  • GPS+LBS+WIFI real-time Positioning
  • 22 inch IPS Touch ColorfulScreen
  • Footprints: record history route
  • Voice monitoring: Once the phone number confirmed, watch will call the number automatically while user don't know.
  • Two-way phone call and voice chat
  • Records of step count, amount of exercise, distance and sleep monitor.
  • Setting no disturbing time when kids on class
  • App available on IOS and Android Platform
  • GEO fence safety area
  • SOS Phone call and alert
  • Watch removedand low power alarm
  • Remote shutdown
  • Make friends between watches


Many different functions on small wearable device. Let's see how this small watch work.

What we need:

1.Micro SIM card, which have 50mb traffic per month and calling ID function. (insert the SIM card like the pic 1 shown below,then long press the power button to turn on the device)

2.Use cell phone to down load the APP:Setracker. On watch backside you can see the device ID and IMEI number, enter ID number on the first block, after enter all info select a right region to register, then click OK. (like the pic 2 ,the main page of APP like Pic 3)


What can we do :

1. Parents cilck to "Setting"interface to set 3 SOS numbers, when your kids in emergency , long press SOS button to dial to cell phone.Also other 15 family member phone numbers can store in "Phone book", children can pick up the phone number to dial on watch "phonebook".

2. when could not talking long time, communicate by short voice message is support, on watch is "Talk", on APP is "Chat".


3. Want to track your kids? Parents can click "Map"to check, also parents can track the kids "footprints" on the past 90 days. If you want to ensure your kids stay in some place safe , you can set "GEO Fence" to monitor, the minium is 200 meters, once user leave it will have warning info to parents, no worry where your kids hang out after class.


4.The most parents concern maybe is worry kids play the watch on class,how we fix it? On "setting"you can see "do not disturb" there have three time to select, during these time the device is lock and auto shield income calling, but SOS calling still work. No worry your kids spend long time on class .


5. When parents can't contact with kids success, you can use "Monitoring"to listen the device surrounding sound while your kids don't know.


6. There have sensor on the watch backside, if watch removed parents will received alarm info, and you can click "Device"to find out, watch ringing until you press any button to stop it.

GPS smartwatch for kids the benefits are greater than the disadvantages, If you still worry about your kids using celll phone maybe it's the best time to select a GPS kids watch to them.