Security statement of Mymo application Setracker

Security statement of Mymo application Setracker

Latest we received negative feedback of the APP Setracker, some users begin to worry about the safety of the device parameter which they used.What they worry about can be listed as below:

  1. If the watch can be spied by hacker easily ?
  2. If the parameter stored safely in the server?
  3. An ID can be registered twice?

Moreover, the the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) has analyzed four smart watch for children.

Setracker have more than 4,200,000 total downloads around the world, Mymo device as the one of the Setracker user, there have something we need to clarify.

About Setracker application security:

Setracker have passed the application security measurement of Alibaba Security Team, with encrypted interface and strong network firewall, data backup everyday. With technical support to prevent DDOS attacks, blocking password cracking, SQL injection, XSS cross site and other hacker attacks. Setracker using the https certificate of Symentec.(Symantec is the world’s fourth largest independent software company, the top three for Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, but also the world’s largest information security vendors and service providers.) Data transmission will not be attacked.


  1. -If the watch parameter is easily spied and control by the stranger?-Absolutely NO!The original password of each device to check the watch parameter is "123456". After the user get the device, you can use your cell phone send the text:"pw,123456,pw,******#"to the watch number by SMS(*means the new password), after that, the new text to check the parameter is :"pw,******,ts#". Moreover, when you want to change the center number, the SOS number, monitor the watch, you need to insert the password on the text.Also, Setracker requires the user login account to access, without password to login hackers can not get any information on the serve and track the user, The server has anti-attack and anti-password crack function, hackers do not know the user’s account, but also can not get the password and track the watch.By this two way, hacker no long know the watch parameter: IMEI, ID, register code, and could not monitor the watch any more ,it's absolutely safe!


  1. -If the parameter stored safely in the server?

-Absolutely YES!

Setracker is a huge information processing system with protective hacking,Setracker has never been attacked and exposed the location information and will never happen in the future, only access the user account when we have the permission , we can promise you that at least setracker server is safe, the account information is encrypted.


  1. -An ID can be registered twice?

-Absolutely NO!

Each ID is unique,only can be register once, the second register will show as: "Device number already registered,please contact your agent to restore!" Why user said the ID can be register twice? Because there have Setracker 2, user found an ID can be registered in Setracker 2 after registering on Setracker, We have fixed this bug please release your mind.



Setracker is a safe and feature-rich server, about the security problems pointed out in the report, even a simplest application without these problems, As one of the most reliable application Setracker been downloaded over 10,000,000 times,never with these problems as well.When Setracker launch, it always being attacked by the similar application company on purpose,even in 2015, the most popular period of GPS tracking watch in China, have the same questions being pointed out on purpose, user who don't understand the APP clearly will be misguided by the report, Setracker technical team continuously enhance security of the application,the tens of millions of users in the China and abroad is the best proof.

Here is the China domestic version application "security guard” in Tencent user store download statistics.

Setracker is a safe and feature-rich server.