Review of C79 GPS mymo Smartwatch

Review of C79 GPS mymo Smartwatch

Are you still worried about how to select a gift for your kids? Toys, clooth, electronic product like mini phone, pad, game machine…

Why don't you choose a safety device for your child? Innocent, active and kind, all these nouns are code word of child, but weak awareness of safety and poor ability to resist danger also worried by parents. They could not accompany kids all the time to make them keep far away from danger , now GPS kids watch may assist parents to slove the situation.

How does a GPS kids Watch wrok, Mymo C79 will show you.


C79 support 2G network, supports APP Wecare to register, with 1.22 inch colorful touch Screen. There have three color to choose: Black, Pink and Blue, there only one button for SOS calling and power on/off and the virtual button on center of the screen, the back side of watch is a sensor for anti lost alert. The main interface shown as below.


Let's talk about the main function which parents care most.


  1. GPS+LBS+WIFI three ways real-time positioning, GPS and LBS used outdoor while WIFI used indoor locate, parents can choose 3 work mode to update the location info and check any time you want.
  2. If you want to know where your kids have been to, you can check the history route on the APP, there will keep the latest 90 days data, after check you can warn your kids where should not go again.
  3. GEO fence can be set from 200m to 2000m. If you want to shopping on mall but your kids want to play outside around , you can set the GEO fence, once kids walk out , alert info will sent to the APP immediately.


SOS calling and communicate:

1.3 SOS number can be set on APP, long press the SOS button 3 seconds to dial. SOS calling will cycle dial twice until answered.

2. Phone book is contain 15 numbers and the phone call will be shelied which is not in the list, that's keep your kids won't disturb by strange calling.

3 "Micro chat" is communicate by voice message, long press the screen virtual button to record and release to send, the longest voice message is 15 seconds. APP support voice message and text message, watch receive and auto shown the text message on the screen.


Voice monitor:

Also named silent call. Once monitoring number set, watch will dial to phone automatically, parents can hearing the around voice but your kids don't know, this function is suitable for silent monitoring when kids in emergency.


Other featured functions:

  1. Class mode named no disturbing time. Parents can set three periods, all incoming calls will be shielded during three periods, this function is suitable for kidskeep their mind in class. Class mode only works from Monday to Friday, weekends are excluded.
  2. Make friends:With 2 watchessupport make multi friends(or 2 watches support make single friend)and have same time and connect the network, get touch the screen then both watch will add each other, watches can chat by voice message, brings funny to kids.
  3. Records of step count, amount of exercise, distance,sleep monitor.


Mymo C79 GPS kids watch covers many functions, there have 9 interfaces shown on screen: Micro chat, Phone book, Make friends, Theme, Pedometer, Ring type, Language, APP download, Shutdown.The real product experience will bring more funny than I told you here.